19 January 2015

Flute Welcomes Her New Pups!

Flute's pups sired by CH Jethro Artax's Angels were born on January 9, 2015. Flute invites your visit her new family at their photo blog!

Is Vanilla Ice Cream the best part of having pups? Flute could tell you!

04 January 2015

Exciting Update on Flute's 2015 Pups!

There's a belly full of pups for Flute! See more on Flute & Jethro's puppy blog!

08 December 2014

Flute is pregnant & due January 2015!

Ultrasound on December 5 confirmed that Flute is pregnant. This is great news! We are very excited about Flute and Jethro pups in 2015!

Pups are due the week of January 7th and will be ready for their new homes in early March. You can follow the pups on their puppy blog. Contact us if you are interested in a Flute and Jethro pup: chimeradog@gmail.com

Our Veterinarian, who specializes in canine reproduction, Dr. Marty Greer, counted 3 pups in the ultrasound, though it is possible there will be more. Pups looked healthy, vigorous and it was already possible to see their beating hearts.

Flute is doing very well. She's very affectionate and snuggly, enjoying her food, gaining weight, and sleeping a lot more than usual.

Flute as a 4 week old puppy

28 November 2014

New Chimera Standard Schnauzer Website Underway!

In honor of Flute's new litter, I am getting a new little website underway. You can find the Chimera work-in-progress at chimeradog.weebly.com

For those who loved our long-standing Chimera website and who have wondered what happened to it, unfortunately, it disappeared from the web when our domain name was stolen in 2013. Frustrated, I held back from creating a new website under a new domain and tried in vain to get my original domain back.

I finally decided to just move on. I hope you like the new, small site. I am sure it will grow in the future to reflect more of Chimera's past and embrace our future!

Flute says, "Enjoy our new website!"

26 November 2014

Thanks for Thanksgiving from Chimera!

This year, as every year, we are thankful for all the wonderful people who have made Chimera schnauzers part of their families. We are so fortunate for the gift of love, companionship and fun you give every day to our beloved pups. Thank you so much!

We are also ever thankful for our supportive community of fellow schnauzer fanciers and breeders in North America and Europe. We have made many great friends since our journey in Standard Schnauzers began nearly 15 years ago.

At home this year, we are thankful to be looking forward to a new litter from Flute in early 2015. It will be a joy to raise pups with devoted and fun mom Flute!

Stay tuned for more info on Flute's upcoming pups at Flute's 2015 puppy blog!

Flute's son says, "YUM!!! I smell turkey!!!" 
One year later, Flute's son says "YUM!!!" again!

06 November 2014

Flute's Pups are Nearly 1 Year Old!!

It's been a busy year for Flute's pups and their families. We look forward to celebrating the pups' 1 year birthday on November 11!

Until then, enjoy this photo of Herbie (Lime Green Boy) celebrating a friend's birthday!

"It's almost MY birthday!," says jaunty boy Herbie.

29 December 2013

Scenes from a Visit in Week 6



Puppy Mob

"Where did those other puppies go?," ask these 2 boys.

"Sherpa's taste okay," says Purple boy.


"Do we both fit in here?"

Purple Boy loving being held